Sunsoar Birmans

Specialising in Tabby Point Birmans

About Us

We have been breeding Birmans since 1994. We live on an acreage block near Murrumbateman which is between Canberra and Yass. We specialize in the stunning Tabby Point Birmans.

Our love of Birmans began in 1990 when we purchased our first two pets. After we moved to Canberra in 1994, we joined the Birman Cat Club of Canberra and obtained our foundation queen Majik Fascination from Alison Stringer and Liz Robinson after falling in love with the Tabby Points.

Initially we bred under the prefix of Kachin before moving to Queensland and discovering this was a long established Burmese prefix. Consequently, in 1997 we applied for and were granted the Sunsoar prefix. Due to our mobile life style we have bred in Townsville and Wellington (NZ) and in Canberra before we retired to the Gold Coast in December 2005. After a few years on the coast we again moved south to a beautiful home on two acres where we hope to see more of our southern grandchildren but still close enough to keep in close touch with our family and friends remaining in Queensland.

We have concentrated on tabby points and have achieved supreme exhibit status with Bronze DGC Majik Fascination (Cairns), Bronze DGC Kachin Meiglan (Canberra), ACF AoE Sapphire DGC Sunsoar Sapphire Rose (Birman Cat Club of New Zealand) and (Birman Cat Club of Canberra), CH Sunsoar Athena Rose (Supreme Exhibit 2004 Birman Cat Club of Canberra Specialist Show) Sunsoar Brindabella (Supreme Birman Exhibit 2004 Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers Association) and ACF AoE Emerald DGC Sunsoar Galahad (Best Group 1 Exhibit Capital Cats Dec 2005 Show all three Rings).

More recently ACF AoE Bronze Platinum DGC Sunsoar Roxanne, Galahad's daughter, achieved the distinction of Supreme Longhair exhibit at the Gold Coast Cat Club show in February 2008 at her very first show and was judged best Birman kitten in the specialty ring at the Birman Cat Fanciers of Qld 2008 show. Galahad's son, Platinum DGC Sarikamajik Byron Boy was Supreme Birman Exhibit at the 2009 Birman Cat Club of Canberra Specialty show and highest points scoring kitten at the Birman Cat Fanciers of Qld 2009 show. Thanks to Liz Robinson for allowing me to have this lovely boy to carry on Galahad's lines with the added benefit of an outcross. Roxanne's daughter, ACF AoE Plat DGC Sunsoar Unchained Melody, achieved numerous excellent results in 2010 including Supreme Birman Exhibit and Supreme Longhair Exhibit at the Birman Cat Fanciers of Qld show. She has now achieved the status of ACF Distinguished Merit by three of her daughters all achieving ACF AoE status.

In 2007 Sandy Steward and Pauline Van Der Hoorn allowed us to bring home Fancypawz Snow Girl (Seal Silver Tabby Point), the first silver Birman in Australia. . We bred two beautiful silver tabby cats, GD CH Sunsoar Snow Ariki and ACF Bronze AoE Plat DGC Sunsoar Snow Blossom before circumstances led us to have most of our cats desexed. Melody and Blossom continue to represent the Sunsoar name on the show bench.

Over the years we have worked with many breeders to improve our lines and produce beautiful Birmans. We breed for type and temperament, recognising that most of our kittens will find homes as family pets. However, we have been fortunate enough to be able to send breeding cats to The Netherlands and Norway.

Jenny has pursued a strong interest in the cat showing world, qualifying as a longhair judge in 2009 and an all breeds judge in 2013.

In May 2015 we welcomed our first breeding girl in over three years, Minosa Eternal Flame a seal tortie point bred by Pam Coyte, to join with Byron in making some very unusual kittens in the future. In February we welcomed a new boy, Kasario Chekesha a lovely seal tabby point bred by Cheryl Davies-Crook. In June 2016 we welcomed the first Byron Baby in over four years, a blue tabby point Sarikamajik Matilda, bred by Liz Robinson.

In September 2016 we were very pleased to announce that the first Sunsoar kittens in over four years have arrived. They are totally new lines for us being from Minosa Eternal Flame and Kasario Chekesha. The also bring new colours into our breeding program with our first tortie tabby point, Sunsoar Xafira Opal, stayed on to continue the Sunsoar story. In 2017 we also welcomed two new Sunsoar kittens, Sunsoar Zulu Warrior a red point boy and a little seal tabby girl Sunsoar Zahara Rose, from Byron's last litter. In 2018 we are apleased to welcome Spellbound Maid of the Mist a blue point girl from Lesley Gaze in Tasmania who will add a strong outcross to our lines.