Sunsoar Birmans

Specialising in Tabby Point Birmans and Introducing Red Series


Kittens will be due in late September.

Fionella Sir Walter

Sunsoar Xafira Opal

Kittens will be ready to go to their new homes in late December. Expected colours include Seal Point, Seal Tabby Point, Red Point, Seal Tortie Point and Seal Tortie Tabby point and perhaps Chocolate and Chocolate Tabby and Tortie Tabby Point .

Kasario Chekesha

Sunsoar Zahara Rose

Byron Red Male 2

Kittens due in early October and ready to go to their new homes in early January. Colours expected Seal Point, Blue Point, Seal Tabby Point and Blue Tabby Point. Below are pictures of kittens from previous litters.